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On Film Criticism #9: Nice

Artwork by Neven Udovičić The line that connects the idea of cinema as an empathy machine to the plague of “nicecore” kino (which Animus contributor Charles Bramesco wrote about so forcefully here) is the horizon beyond which an apparently large number of film viewers (and reviewers) are not inclined to look. It is true that cinema […]

Through the Looking

Billy Ray’s Shattered Glass centres something more important than affability Another film could have told the story of The New Republic prodigy and serial liar Stephen Glass with bombastic, paranoia-tinged intensity, the kind that defines Alan Pakula’s trilogy of films about far-reaching corruption. Or it could have resembled one of the less stinging, more commercial […]

Broadcaster For Sale

Channel 4 faces the greatest crisis in its lifetime. Is it possible to save it? The day that it was confirmed that the UK government intends to privatise Channel 4, my Twitter feed filled up with tweets that drove me up the wall. They were mostly variations on this sort of thing: I, a person […]

Les Arbres du Cinéma

Three artists foreground how fruitful and fun a vision of art without boundaries can be One of the richest events at this year’s Berlin Film Festival occurred on its literal fringes. In association with the festival, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt presented the second staging (since its debut in Nyon in 2019) of Sentiments, […]


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