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On Film Criticism #4: Relics of ancient times 

Writing about films of the past should seek to expand our awareness of cinema and its possibilities, not freeze or constrict it The question of how to write about films of the past is of course an extremely loaded one. Even setting aside the issue of changing mores and the particularities of different historical contexts, […]

Film as History, Film as a Weapon

Lordan Zafranović’s Occupation in 26 Pictures offers a refreshing and vital approach to history in cinema Films, TV, and perhaps in today’s age, social media, have a way of defining how we interpret, visualise and collectively memorialise the past far more concretely and definitively than the onerous, painstaking work of academics, historians and researchers. Funnelled […]

Todd Haynes’ Pop Idols

Todd Haynes’ Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story and Velvet Goldmine complicate our understanding of the relationship between pop culture and individuals In a West Village café, Todd Haynes once heard Karen Carpenter’s voice. “One day I was sitting at Café Dante … where they were playing 1970s retro music, and I heard Karen Carpenter singing […]

Sins of the Father

In Vincente Minnelli’s Home from the Hill, tragedy is inherited The greatest melodramas are fatalistic in nature. In a certain sense, traceable from Vidor to Sirk to Nick Ray, they all traffic in inevitability. We know what will happen – or, at least, we are never too surprised when it does. Our emotional response flowers […]


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